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Specular Tempus is a powerful reverb and delay effect processor in a compact pedal. Featuring 32 hand-crafted algorithms, 8 presets. stereo in/out, tap-tempo, and extensive inter-connectivity. Using the SpecLab software (free download) users get access to an extended set of parameters for deep-editing of the algorithms.

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Preset System :  the 8 presets are organized in 4 banks, each bank contains 2 patches : A and B.

Stereo I/O a reverb and delay effect processor sounds much much better in stereo, period.

Interconnectivity : Specular Tempus has been designed with the need to interconnect with the outside world in mind. It features no less than 4 interfaces that greatly expand the specular horizon :

  • Aux-In – accepts single, dual, or triple buttons switch boxes for versatile external control (tap-tempo, bank up/down, etc).
  • Aux-Out – provides a switch contact that you can use to control other gears  (e.g. switching an amp’s channel).
  • Effects Loop – create your own unique delay or reverb sounds by inserting other effects into the delay or reverb feedback.
  • MIDI In – nearly all functions of the pedal are opened to MIDI access, including tap-tempo and expression pedal control.

Tap-Tempo : you can tap in your tempo using an external tap pedal or on the pedal itself (using a special mode). Subdivisions can be specified uniquely for each preset.

Auto knob swell : when you engage this feature, the parameter controlled by one of the knob is slowly swept to the maximum value, hold it there, and then swept back to the original setting. Used judiciously, this feature can introduce dynamic elements to the soundscape.

Analog Dry-thru : dry signals are routed through a pure analog path.

Small form-factor : the pedal measures 12 x 9 (cm) or 4.7 x 3.5 (inch), pretty small for what it has to offer.


Algorithms Information


The SpecLab algorithm library packs a total of 32 algorithms : 13 reverbs, 13 delays, and 6 reverb+delay combined algorithms, categorized as follows :

 Spatium (reverb : classic)

This is the ‘mother’ reverb of Specular Reverb V2 pedal. Lush and spacious, with unprecedented clarity that never takes over your dry signal, even with extreme wetsettings.


Room (reverb : classic)
Small to medium room reverberation, rich in early reflections.


Tile Room (reverb : classic)
A bright and lively tile-surfaced room with stunningly smooth tails.


70s Plate (reverb : classic)
The classic plate reverb, dense and smooth.


Spring (reverb : classic)
Recreation of the classic spring reverb. Tips : turn up the decay parameter to bring up that unmistakable boink !


Modulated (reverb : atmospheric)
A touch of swirling chorus in the air.


Shimmer (reverb : atmospheric)
A Spatium-style reverb infused with regenerative octave components. The harmonized decay resembles the presence of multiple string pads accompanying your instrument.


Swell (reverb : atmospheric)
Fades in the onset of the reverberation, allowing your dry signal to cut through even in the thickest reverb mix and longest reverb time. Works extraordinarily well with the Kill-Dry feature activated. 


Vortex (reverb : atmospheric)
A resonant-modulated ambience 


Voices (reverb : atmospheric)
A Spatum-style reverb with a pitch-shifted secondary voice on top of it. Three interval choices : Unison (no pitch-shift), Perfect 5th, and Octave.


Anti-Shimmer (reverb : atmospheric)
Sub-octave shimmer, heavy! Doppler mode takes you on an infinite-descend while Rumble mode adds a regenerative sub-octave growls that shatters the ground. Tips : works best with acoustic instruments / amps which preserve much of the low frequencies.


Tremble (reverb : atmospheric)
Amplitude-pulsating ambience that injects rhythm to the Spatium-style reverberation.  

Infinity (reverb : atmospheric) This algorithm allows you to capture a brief snapshot of the sound you are playing, and hold it indefinitely, then you can play over it (with reverberation). 1-Layer mode : You can fade out the sustained sound, and immediately fade in a new one. N-Layers mode : You can add infinite number of layers of sustained sound, creating an ever-dense ambience goodness! 1.  Adjust Blend and Decay knob to get the desired amount of reverb mix and reverb time. Leave Param and Intensity knobs at midpoint. 2.  Press and hold down both footswitches, when the LEDs start flashing the pedal began to continuously capture a snapshot of whatever you are playing. When  you release the footswitch, the pedal will take the last 0.25 seconds of the captured sound and hold it indefinitely. 3.  Now adjust Intensity and Param to get the desired level and tonality for the sustained sound. The Intensity knob runs backward : sound gets louder as knob is turned counter-clockwise. Now you can play over the sustained sound, and when you want to change the sustained sound with a new one, simply repeat step-2; the current sustained sound will fade out and then you can fade in a new one. The new sound will fade in to the level you’ve set previously. Or alternatively, use the N-Layers mode to add more-and more layers on top of existing ones.

+Digital Dly (reverb : hybrid)
This algorithm combines the Spatium-style reverb with the Digital delay algorithm.

+Analog Dly (reverb : hybrid)
This algorithm combines the Spatium-style reverb with the Analog delay algorithm.

+Echoes Dly (reverb : hybrid)
This algorithm combines the Spatium-style reverb with the Echoes delay algorithm.


Digital (delay : classic)
Clean and crisp delay with tweakable ‘Warmth’ parameter. Normal stereo or ping-pong mode available.


Analog (delay : classic)
Analog-voiced delay with tweakable ‘Darkness‘ parameter. Normal stereo or ping-pong mode available.


Echoes (delay : classic)
Gradually warming and softening echoes with tweakable ‘Softness‘ parameter. Normal stereo or ping-pong mode available.

Spectral (delay : esoteric)
Delay with sweeping spectral notches.
Filter (delay : esoteric)
Delay and Envelope filters.

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Data sheet

Current Consumption
~100 mA
Input Impedance
1 MOhm
Output Impedance
1 MOhm
DAC/ ADC Resolution
24 bits
1/4 inch TS.
Power Configuration
9VDC / 100mA, negative-center plug.
Input Types
1/4 inch TS.

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