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Recording Tech RT-6 Speaker Monitor 6 inch

Recording Tech


The 6″ Monitors designed and tested veteran audio engineers to meet your needs in a studio monitoring enviroment. It is focused on the functional goal delivering pure, original sound without any additional coloration. The 6″ power monitor is self-powered, directly accepting a line-level signal form a variety of sources.

6″ Monitors is designed to overcome all limitations of conventional studio reference monitors within the digital audio environment. This system delivers a wide-range frequency response by emploting two extraordinary drivers and unique crossover technology licensed by proMfrs. It boasts a stable and balanced low-mid frequency response along with a defined mid and high frequency response as well. Both drivers are magnetically shielded for desktop music production.

For Pro engineers at commercial studio to home studio owners, The 6″ monitor set new affordable standard in studio monitoring


  • 6″ Power Monitors
  • Power Cable
  • User Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

Recording Tech