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NOS McONE-B Balanced Passive Monitor Control


Out of stock

Passive Monitoring Controller, 3 Stereo In and Out, Balanced Version


Out of stock

Now you can order our improved, balanced version of the same classic McOne passive! Utilizing high quality passive components, the New Old Sound McOne-B is an affordable monitoring solution that brings a vintage style elegance to your mixing desk, and all the modern detail you expect. There are other passive monitoring devices on the market, but McOne-B addresses the combination of balanced and unbalanced gear, as well as maintaining a steady left / right stereo balance no matter the location of the high quality ALPS pot. Its passive operation also means it adds zero noise of its own. McOne-B (the “B” means balanced) is our most solid design yet in a passive design, allowing both balanced and unbalanced intput devices to more easily exist side by side in one setup. DAW outputs, mixer feeds, CD players, iPods etc are cleanly routed in and out with the flick of a switch (choose between 3 inputs). You can then route any of those inputs to 3 balanced outputs for a multiple speaker setup without glitches and pops, for a clean and unhindered listening experience. When mixing it is very important to know how your stereo mix translates to mono, enabling you to check for phase issues etc. No problem with the McOne-B, simply choose between stereo and mono at the flip of a switch. Trying to talk in the control room or just needing a break is easy also, just select mute or dim (-20dB dim value) to eliminate or lower the volume signal sent to the three outputs.

New Old Sound McOne-B Features

  • 3 TRS input (balanced or unbalanced)
  • 3 TRS output (balanced)
  • Stereo/Mono switch
  • Mute/Dim/Unmute switch
  • All Passive, no power supply needed
  • Compact desktop enclosure
Weight 2 kg