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IK Multimedia IRig Pre

Ik Multimedia

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Online Microphone Preamplifier for iOS Devices


Out of stock

Connect Your Favorite Mic to Your iOS Device!

The IK Multimedia iRig Pre lets you connect your favorite microphone directly to your iOS device. It connects to your iOS device’s standard headphone jack, so you can use the iRig Pre with any iOS app that accepts regular in-line microphone input, including IK Multimedia’s iRig Recorder and VocaLive apps. A built-in headphone jack allows you to monitor your recordings, as well as listen to audio playback. Running on a single 9V battery, the iRig Pre can even provide phantom power for condenser microphones. Get your IK Multimedia iRig Pre from Sweetwater today!

IK Multimedia iRig Pre Microphone Adapter and iOS Audio Interface Features at a Glance:

  • The perfect way to record high-quality audio with your favorite iOS device such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
  • Connect any microphone with standard XLR output to your iOS device, including dynamic, ribbon, and condenser mics
  • Connects to the headset jack of your iOS device via a standard 1/8″ TRRS cable
  • Compatible with most recording and vocal processing iOS apps on the market, including IK Multimedia’s iRig Recorder and VocaLive apps (FREE versions available in the Apple App Store)
  • Active onboard headphone amp lets you monitor your recordings and playback audio
  • Adjustable gain control with On/Off switch
  • Phantom power switch lets you power any standard condenser microphone
  • Runs on a single 9V battery for hours of operation

The IK Multimedia’s iRig Pre lets you record on your iOS device with any microphone!


Weight 1 kg

Ik Multimedia

Analog Inputs

1 x XLR

Analog Outputs

1 x 1/8" (headphones)

Computer Connectivity

1 x 1/8" TRRS

Form Factor


Simultaneous I/O


Phantom Power


OS Requirements - Mac

OS X 10.6 or later, iOS 4.3 or later

OS Requirements - PC

Android 6 or later

Number of Preamps

1A/D Resolution16-bit/44.1kHz