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Alctron K5 Usb Microphone Condenser


K5 is a professional USB condenser studiomicrophone


K5 is a professional USB condenser studiomicrophone. 16mm electrets capsule provides outstanding and wide range sounds.K5 has a wonderful cardioids pick-up pattern, standard and general-used USBport. It can be used without installing any drive software when operating inthe Windows system and the computer systems. Moreover, it can identify therecording equipments mac automatically. It is an excellent plug-and-play USBcondenser microphone, which opens up possibility for anyone who records audiofrom podcasters, journalists, students and multimedia presentation.

Tech Spesc

Frequency Response : 30Hz-18kHz
Polar Pattern : Cardioid
Max SPL : 140dB
Connector : Android USB connector
Capsule : 16mm electrets diaphragm capsule
Sensitivity : -20— -50dB

Weight 1 kg