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Alctron HP800V2 8-channel headphone amplifier


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HP800 V2 is a headphone amplifier which features 8 independent stereo headphone channels. Each channel has its own volume control knob, adjusting the volume when it is too high or too low. The 7-level indicator indicates the output level, if the red light lit, you should lower the volume to avoid distortion. Also the Mono/stereo and channel choose button help you to monitor an ideal music sound you wanted.


Out of stock

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1、1U rack shell helps headphone amplifier fixed on rack easily

2、Mono/stereo switch per channel for more flexibility

3、Output level control and accurate 7-digit LED output meter per channel avoids sound distortion

4、Direct input connector on each channel for easy connection of any sound source

5、Independent amplify circuit rejects interference and mix of each channel and makes each channel input purity signal

6、Adopts JRC performance chip to amplify the signal, also ensures low distortion and low noise

7、Rich ports suitable for various applications

 Main input: 1/4″TRS balance connector
* Input impedance: 40KΩ(balance)/ 20KΩ(unbalance)
* Max input level: 16dBu
* CMRR: >[email protected]
* Aux input: 1/4″TRS stereo connector
* Input impedance: 15KΩ
* Main output: 1/4″TRS balance connector
* Headphone output: 1/4″TRS stereo connector
* Max output amp: +24dBm(load impedance 100Ω)/ +21dBm(load impedance 80Ω)
* Min load impedance:
* Frequency response: 10Hz-80KHz +/-2dB
* Noise: 22Hz-22KHz >[email protected]
* Dynamic range: 22Hz-22KHz 110dB
* Distortion: 0.006% typically, @+4dBu 1KHz
* Main input 1/main input 2: switch can choose Main input 1 or main input 2
* Stereo/mono: press the button, monitor mono sound
* Input level: 7-digital LED display: -30/-24/-18/-12/-6/0dB
* Output level: 7-digital LED display: -30/-24/-18/-12/-6/0dB
* Voltage: 100-120V AC, 200-240V AC, 50-60HZ optional
* Connection cable: standard IEC