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Packed With Performance

The WA12 MKII Black is a completely discrete, high voltage, dual-transformer microphone preamplifier design with high gain (+71dB), high headroom, low noise, and exciting sonic performance – which makes it an ideal choice for all types of recording applications. A high-quality mic preamp is one of the most critical pieces needed to achieve that elusive ‘larger than life’ sound, and the WA12 MKII Black delivers on that promise every single time.

Premium Components

The WA12 MKII Black is based around the X731 discrete op-amp, which is our own reproduction of the classic Melcor 1731 - considered by some to be the warmer predecessor to the modern 2520-style op-amp. The X731 can achieve vibrant, clean and lifelike tones, but it can also be driven into mild saturation at much higher gain levels. While the effects of that saturation can range from subtle to obvious, they always remain very pleasing to the ear, and because it was designed around the X731 the WA12 MKII Black can accept any discrete op-amp on the market that conforms to the +/-16v, 2520 pinout standard.

Our ears played a big part in the process of designing the WA12 MKII Black, and we didn’t stop tweaking until anything we ran through it sounded better. Using CineMag USA transformers and an all-discrete signal path, we ensured that this preamp would have the building blocks to compete with the best-sounding preamps on the market, and we’re very proud to offer such a robust and professional design in a small and affordable package.

Warm Audio WA12 MKII Mic/Instrument Preamp Features:

-Fully discrete design with a robust 71dB of gain to power all your mics even ribbons
-High-voltage X731 operational amplifier, based on the classic Melcor 1731Tone button gives you tonal versatility by switching input impedance from 600 to 150 ohms48-volt phantom power, 20dB pad, and polarity invert switches
-Mic level balanced input: XLR or 1/4 TRS
-Balanced outputs: XLR and 1/4 TRS2 Mohms true hi-Z input on front panel great for guitars, bass, keyboards
-Custom-designed Cinemag input and output transformers
-LED gain indicator

Warm Audio WA12 WA-12 MKII Discrete Microphone Preamp

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