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Remarkable Perfomance.
Tangzu Wan Er overall performance of its satisfying sound with a smooth, full bodied and clean presentation.

Balanced Tuning.
The Wan Er SG adapts feedbacks on both previous projects in order to achieve a tuning that is aimed to be more balanced for the mass.

Ergonomic Fit.
Wan Er SG has been designed to a medium on the shell measurements to meet the sweet spot of fitting for most people. It's also lightweighted for a fatigue free experienced.

Durable & Reliable.
Wan Er SG adopts the 0.78 2Pin socket as a medium of the changeable interface.

Features :
10MM PET Diaphragm
N52 Magnetic
Professional Tuning Scheme
Hi-Fi Quality
0.78 2Pin Detachable
Ergonomic Fitting

Earphone Specification :
Sensitivity : 107dB
Impedance : 20Ω
Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz
Cable Type : 4 Braid OFC x 38 Wire
Cable Length : 1.2m

Tangzu Wan Er SG - In Ear Monitor

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