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Produce, Perform, and Play with Ableton Live


Novation upped the Launchpad series with the Launchpad X, the new standard in Ableton Live controllers designed for producers and performers alike. The Launchpad X includes all the features that have made the standard Launchpad a staple of the electronic music world, plus some of the extras that have made the Launchpad Pro such a hit. For starters, you get the same 64-pad matrix that put the first Launchpad on the map and all the essential navigation and scene controls you need to launch clips on the fly. But that’s just the beginning. With custom settings for MIDI control, you can take control of any virtual instruments or processors, while Dynamic Note and Scale modes turn the Launchpad X into an amazing keyboard alternative.


Take command of Ableton Live

From the beginning, the Novation Launchpad was built to make creating and performing music with Ableton Live smooth and easy. Launchpad has been the go-to controller of choice for many of us here at Sweetwater. With its matrix of 64 RGB-backlit pads, the surface reflects Live’s grid display wonderfully, laying your tracks, clips, and scenes at your fingertips. You can even use the columns as faders and additional controllers to have full command over Live’s mixer. But those are just some of the basics. With 10 years of development behind it, the Launchpad X brings even more to the table.


Take your Launchpad beyond Live

If you use software other than Ableton Live, your Launchpad X will still come in handy. Novation built this controller to both integrate deeply with Ableton Live and provide MIDI control over FL Studio, Bitwig Studio, and many other music creation applications. Best of all, switching modes is easy, so even if you’re performing live, you can use your Launchpad X to pull off all kinds of cross-platform tricks and never miss a beat.


Get started with Ableton Live Lite and other great content

There’s no denying that the Launchpad X is an ideal match for Ableton Live, but what if you don’t have a copy of Live yet? Don’t worry — your Launchpad X comes complete with Ableton Live Lite, a streamlined yet powerful introduction to Live. Want synths? You got ’em! The AAS Session Bundle includes three synths, and XLN Addictive Keys gives you access to one of four virtual keyboards when you register your Launchpad X. As for processors, you get Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette.


Novation Launchpad X Features:

  • Seamless Ableton Live integration gives you hands-on control of your music
  • Control any music software or external hardware with velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads
  • Advanced integration with Live Loops in Logic Pro X (v10.6 and above)
  • RGB pads match the color of your clips in Ableton Live’s Session View
  • Create expressive drum performances with velocity-sensitive pads
  • Illuminated LED pads let you play notes, melodies, and chords on a chromatic keyboard layout
  • Quick, immediate access to your mixer controls
  • Compact, lightweight, bus powered, and tough enough to survive the roughest gigs
  • Includes a complete software package with Ableton Live Lite, AAS Session Bundle, XLN Addictive Keys, Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette
  • Firmware 2.0 adds a Custom Mode keystroke widget that accelerates your workflow by assigning essential DAW shortcuts using Novation Components


Tech Specs

  • Type:Performance Pad MIDI Controller
  • Pads:64 x RGB Backlit Pads, Velocity-sensitive
  • Velocity Sensitive:Yes
  • Aftertouch:Polyphonic Aftertouch
  • USB:1 x USB-C
  • Features:Scale Mode
  • Software:Ableton Live Lite, AAS Session Bundle, Softube Time & Tone Bundle
  • OS Requirements - Mac:OS X 10.11.6 or later
  • OS Requirements - PC:Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Power Supply:USB bus powered

Novation Launchpad X Grid Controller for Ableton Live

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