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Neumann KH 120 Features:


  • Compact bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor
  • 5.25" low-frequency driver (50W), 1" high-frequency driver (50W)
  • Elliptical Mathematically Modelled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide provides smooth off-axis response and accurate monitoring in non-ideal acoustical environments
  • Powerful titanium fabric dome tweeter delivers low-distortion and high-frequency reproduction
  • Composite sandwich cone woofer designs dampen breakup modes and reduce harmonic distortion
  • Free-field frequency response: 52Hz to 21kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Self-generated noise (with input gain set to 100dB for 0dBu): <20dB(A) at 10cm
  • Maximum SPL: (half space at 3% THD at 1m): 111.1dB SPL, averaged 100Hz to 6kHz
  • Crossover frequency: 2kHz
  • Crossover slope: 24dB/octave, 4th order
  • Bass equalization: 0dB, -2.5dB, -5dB, -7.5dB
  • Mid equalization: 0dB, -1.5dB, -3dB, -4.5dB
  • High equalization: +1dB, 0dB, -1dB, -2dB
  • Protection circuitry: low and high limiter
  • Input: XLR, >10 kOhms
  • Input gain control (sensitivity): -15dBu to 0dBu
  • Output level control: 94dB, 100dB, 108dB, 114dB SPL


Tech Specs


  • Powered:Yes
  • Power Configuration:Bi-amped
  • Quantity:Single
  • LF Driver Size:5.25"
  • LF Driver Type:Magnetically shielded
  • HF Driver Size:1"
  • LF Driver Power Amp:50W (Continuous), 80W (Peak)
  • HF Driver Power Amp:50W (Continuous), 80W (Peak)
  • Total Power:100W (Continuous), 160W (Peak)
  • Frequency Range:52Hz-21kHz
  • Crossover Frequency:2kHz, 24 dB/octave
  • Maximum Peak SPL:111.1 dB
  • Input Types:1 x XLR
  • Enclosure Type:Ported

Neumann KH 120 A 5.25 inch Powered Studio Monitor

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