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Overview :
The Fifine K683B is a bang-for-the-buck cardioid USB condenser microphone that ticks most boxes that streamers would possibly need. The plug-and-play nature of the microphone grants it the flexibility to record on different platforms, whether it’s your gaming PC or your smartphone (with USB-C).

The additional volume knob on the K683B has a loud and sensitive output sound ensuring that your voice will be heard. This condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern captures your voice properly and produces clear and smooth sound without static noise.

If you’re willing to look over the very minor build quality issues, the microphone is a must-have for budding streamers, podcasters, or recording artists.

Features :
- Plug-and-play on Mac, Windows, Playstation, Smartphone or other compatible device.
- Compact size and All-metal body enhances professional feeling and even protects the mic from drop damage.
- Cardioid pattern reduces irritating fan or keyboard noise for crystal clear communication.
- Volume dial for quick adjustment on the fly, no need to make pause during live.
- You cannot help to notice that it come with a custom-made U-shape pop filter for cutting out plosive extremely well. It also adds a sense of aesthetics and presence to the microphone itself.
- The party piece comes in! Nothing fancy about a detachable cable, but the thing is completely different when the output connector has both a type A and type C jack.
- That means you will not need an adapter to hook up the mic with your Macbook Pro anymore. And even more, for Android and IOS users who do a lot of travel and need a small form factor microphone to record their music or podcast, they can do it very quickly.
- It is one mic to rule laptop, PC, game console and mobiles. You are going to love this type of vibe!

Fifine K683B USB Condenser Microphone with Volume Control and Pop Filter

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