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Product introduction


U48MKII dual channel audio interface is special designed to convert the signal from A to D or D to A. Two mic channels design realizes stereo recording with purity and natural tone quality. Up to 24bit/192khz sampling rate delivers sonics, lower latency and enhanced ease of use. Unique gain halos make it easy to control your level and MONO realizes both L and R channel collection the sound even there is just one input signal. Instantly start recording without any special driver installations simply plug-and–play.


Feature ;


  • Dual USB audio interface
  • High performance 24bit/192khz converters
  • High-headroom instrument input for bass, guitar etc
  • Unique, intuitive level indicators for optimized gain staging
  • Super low latency lets you monitor with native plug-in effects in real time
  • Direct monitor circuit for monitoring your input with guaranteed low-latency




Mic input 
* Frequency response:20Hz 20 kHz+/- 0.1 dB
* THD + N: 0.006%(min gain,input: 400mV, A-wt)
* Noise:-86 dBu
* Gain range: 18dB-48dB
Instrument input 
* Frequency response:20Hz 20 kHz+/- 0.1 dB
* THD + N: 0.01%(min gain,input: 400mV, A-wt)
* Noise:-94 dBu
* Max input level:+11.5 dBu
Line input 
* Frequency response:20 Hz ± 0.5 dB, ± 0.1 dB
* THD + N:0.006%(min gain,input: 400mV, A-wt)
* Noise:-95dBu
* Max input level: +18.5 dBu
Line output 
* Max input level: +13 dBu balance
* THD + N: -88dB


Dual channel USB Audio Interface Alctron U48 Mkll

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