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One mic. 13 emulations. You choose.


Capture the full picture


As loud as you can

Don’t let its small size fool you: The Edge Note modeling microphone is the perfect studio solution for capturing a wide range of musical instruments at incredible volumes. With 13 classic mic emulations, it’s one of the most flexible mic modeling options for instrumentalists, recording engineers, and studio owners alike.



Loudness is no obstacle

With an astonishing SPL of 146 dB, the Edge Note has been engineered to provide clear recordings for even the loudest sources. From drum solos to trumpet trills, this small diaphragm condenser mic goes hard without clipping the converter.



13 iconic studio microphones in one body

This is more than a small condenser mic: it’s a 13 digital reccreations of classic vintage microphones.
We’ve assembled a diverse collection of revered models that were hand-selected as the top picks for many award-winning engineers and producers. The accuracy of our mic emulations keeps the frequency response and color of the originals.


High-pass filter

This pencil mic comes with a high-pass filter with two steps at 75Hz and 115Hz. The result? Reduced lower frequencies and a cleaner, tighter low-end recording.


Pad Attenuator

The Edge Note’s pad allows you to reduce the input signal with -10dB or -20dB. You’ll keep the detail and realism – without clipping or distortion.

Edge Note is the best small condenser microphone for accurately recording loud sources like piercing snares and hi-hats, sharp brass instruments, gentle guitars, and sweeping strings.


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