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Quality Mounting Clamp from Alesis

The folks at Alesis know that drummers work harder than anyone in a band — setting up and tearing down kits, night after night. With you in mind, they have designed the Alesis Multipad Clamp to save you time and wear and tear on your body. Attach this clamp and boom-arm assembly to any cymbal or rackmount stand, and you're ready to add whatever pads you use with your kit. In addition, with the 5.75" clamp and adjustable opening, this attachment can be used with stands of any thickness. Finally, the Alesis Multipad Clamp also features a ball-and-socket joint that lets you position your multipad at just the right playing angle. Drummers here at Sweetwater use the Alesis Multipad Clamp and love it.


Alesis Multipad Clamp Features:


  • 5.75 clamp fits any stand
  • 15" boom arm allows for ideal positioning
  • Ball-and-socket joint gives you endless options for positioning
  • Universal pad mount fits Alesis and other multipads



Alesis Multipad Mounting

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