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Product introduction



TPH200 is an adjustable tablet tripod holder. Multi-angle rotation function satisfies multi-angle watching requirements. Multi antiskid design protects tablets from scratch meanwhile reduces thrill during watching. 3 support points with balanced pressure brings you double stability. Adjusts support arm length flexible, easy for you to use it. Its arc edge of the frame fits to tablets well without block the screen and offers a better watching vision. General 5/8’’ joint connector matches to most stand, while you just switch the related stand. Solid alum-alloy and plastic components are built to last.


Feature :


1、Universal tablet tripod holder

2、Holder for tablet devices with 90 degree rotating design

3、Tablet can be attached and detached quickly and simply with a snap lock

4、Lets you position your tablet either vertically or horizontally

5、Screws onto a 5/8’’ thread connector

6、Perfect for large tablets


* Support arm1 length: 60mm(without stretch), 99mm(stretched)
* Support arm 2 length:80mm(without stretch), 125mm(stretched)
* Clipping tablet thickness:4.7-8mm
* Fit tablet size:L:240-310, W:165-225,D:4.7-8mm
* Material:plastic, alum-alloy
* Net weight:450g


Alctron TPH200 Universal Tablet Tripod Holder

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