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Product introduction


PF32 MKII is a latest acoustic diffuser screen from Alctron. Its outstanding features are the simple structure and easy application. Because of its light weight, it becomes a portable recording accessory everywhere. The screen is fixed by a metal frame and wood or aluminum panel. So it isn't able to come out from the frame easily. And then the frame is attached to a microphone stand by a clamp. The microphone can be mounted on the top of the mic stand directly. If the mic stand has a boom, it can be hanged on the front of the screen as well. This screen can improve effectively the sound of the acoustic space around the microphone. Therefore, it is an affordable and useful accessory for recording.


Feature ;

  • Acoustic diffuse mic screen
  • Improves the sound of the acoustic space around the mic effectively
  • Effectively dampen reflections without losing top end
  • Isolation and diffusion to help you gain control your acoustic environment
  • Capture a great-sounding recording anywhere
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustable function



Alctron PF32 MKll Vocal Booth

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