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Product introduction


MT68 a small-diaphragm true condenser mic delivers a sublimely detailed, balanced sound and superior transient response. The matched small-diaphragm mics make sure you capture the bright and shimmery natural of your cymbals. If you want to track a stereo source like piano, acoustic guitar or marimba MT68 will do the trick.


Feature :

1、Suitable for broadcasting, public address, theater and recording occasions

2、Compact, portable and easy to use, flexible pickup

3、16mm small diaphragm sound head


* Polar pattern: cardioids
* Capsule: 16mm
* Frequency response: 20hz-12khz
* Output impedance: 200ohm±30%
* Sensitivity: -41dB±2dB
* Max SPL: 136dB
* S/N ratio: 66dB
* Size: 24*92mm
* weight: 64g


Alctron MT68 Professional Instrumental Mic

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