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Unlock Next-gen Performance Potential for Ableton Live


When the MPC60 launched in 1988, Akai Professional blazed the trail for a unique way to get hands-on with your sound, and the indelible groove created by finger drumming cemented a distinct, immediately recognizable style of beat crafting and sampling. The APC series of instruments married this model with Ableton Live’s hybrid studio/live-performance architecture to elevate the creative potential of the software suite, and the APC64 is the modern musician’s answer to Ableton Live-driven performance. An 8-by-8, RGB-backlit, 64-pad matrix includes both velocity sensitivity and polyphonic aftertouch, while a surrounding constellation of multi-mode buttons comprises detailed, comprehensive navigation and performance tools. Sweetwater production pros agree that the newly included, fully assignable touch strips are a game changer for expressivity, boasting continuous control and complete customization with FX, V.I.s, dynamics, and anything else within the virtual production suite. Furthermore, a powerful internal sequencer, onboard Gate/CV jacks, and flexible TRS-MIDI connectivity not only provide simultaneous interfacing with external instruments, but allow you to go completely DAW-less without sacrificing performance potential.


Intuitive interfacing for streamlined sonics


The APC64’s straightforward interface expertly allows for a world of performance, composition, and expression without cluttering your view or over-complicating your sound, thanks to seamless DAW control, ergonomically arranged buttons, and dedicated transport controls. The RGB-backlit performance pads can mirror Clip and Track views in your workflow to painlessly manage your tracks. Meanwhile, a vivid display screen and accompanying rotary encoder provide real-time visual feedback, in addition to supplementing navigation for onboard and DAW-based parameters. Scene launch buttons, panning controls, and a litany of secondary functions ensure you can get as deep as you need with your DAW in any setting. For even greater personalization, the included APC Project Editor Software lets you design custom layouts, presets, and control schemes that can stored and recalled as needed, providing a versatile tool kit for instantly moving between sets, styles, stages, and studios.


Dive in, plug out, and connect on your terms


A slew of bundled software runs the gauntlet of soft synths, vintage-style effects, emulations of iconic keyboards, vocal processing, and drum samples, drawing from the likes of CR2 Records, Air Instruments, and Sonivox, meaning the APC64 instantly expands creative possibilities in both the physical and virtual realms. What’s more, eight onboard Gate/CV jacks and a 1-in/2-out TRS-MIDI mini-jack interface allow you to deploy the APC64’s powerful performance suite across drum machines, Eurorack modules, keyboards, synths, and any compatible external instruments for simultaneous operation, or completely DAW-less composition. That’s right: the continuously operable touch strips, polyphonic aftertouch, and velocity-sensitive articulation of the APC64 can reach far beyond the confines of a single aural terrain.


Akai Professional APC64 Pad Performance Controller for Ableton Live Features:


  • 8 x 8 performance matrix features 64 pads masterfully optimized to control samples, clips, tracks, and virtually any live performance or studio tool within the Ableton Live architecture
  • RGB-backlit pads provide paired-down visual parallels to color-coded in-DAW clips for focused operation with minimal screen time
  • Performance pads are outfitted with velocity sensitivity and polyphonic aftertouch to ensure nuanced, versatile performance composition in any setting
  • 8 touch strips feature continuous operation, assignable to any virtual value to expand expressivity across FX and instruments, or manage mixes, track volume, sends, and more
  • Robust melodic possibilities include the onboard Chord mode, built-in sequencer, and polyphonic playback to reimagine your musical palette and inspire new approaches
  • Per-track swing, length and time divisions, and 16-note polyphony guarantee detailed yet effortless control of your sound and DAW
  • Dedicated transport controls play/stop/record buttons, and extensive secondary functionality expertly blend an ergonomic, intuitive interface with streamlined navigation
  • Direct activation and management of velocity, Probability, and Mutate functions provide instant experimentation and explosive variety
  • Built-in step-sequencer features eight tracks and a 32-step length for powerful rhythmic and melodic recording and composition, with or without your DAW
  • Full-color LCD screen and complementing rotary encoder provide real-time visual feedback with substantial additional navigation
  • Versatile connectivity suite includes USB bus power, 8 Gate/CV jacks, one 1/8-inch TRS-MIDI input, and two 1/8-inch TRS-MIDI outputs
  • Gate/CV and MIDI control means full APC64 creativity with external synths, drum machines, Eurorack devices, and more with simultaneous or fully DAW-less operation
  • APC Project Editor Software lets you build and customize your preset layouts to be painlessly saved and recalled as needed for seamless multi-environment use
  • Includes plug-ins, V.I.s, effects, and drum samples for immediate artistic exploration straight out of the box
  • Air Instruments: Tubesynth, Electric, Either, Vocal Tuner, Half Speed, and Flavor
  • Sonivox: Essential Keyboard Collection
  • CR2 Records: Sampletools 1GB pack of drum samples/loops


Tech Specs

  • Type:Pad Controller
  • Pads:64
  • Velocity Sensitive:Yes
  • Aftertouch:Polyphonic
  • Other Controllers:8 x Assignable Touch Strips
  • MIDI I/O:1 x 1/8" In, 2 x 1/8" Out
  • USB:1 x USB-C
  • Other I/O:8 x 1/8" CV/Gate
  • Sequencer:8-track, 32-step
  • Software:Ableton Live Lite
  • Power Supply:USB Powered

Akai Professional APC64 Pad Performance Controller for Ableton Live

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