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Hex Hive F100CE Acoustic Guitar

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Hive F100 features and

Cutaway body

Pre-amp and pick-up set

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  • Orchestra body
  • Sitka spruce top
  • African sapele back and sides
  • Fretboard with rounded edge profile
  • Rosewood headplate with bevel cut
  • Solid hard maple bridge plate with hexagonal holes
  • Multiple bindings
  • White pearl rosette
  • Oiled bone nut and saddle
  • Light matte finish
  • Standard gigbag
  • Fishman Sonitone electronics

Body (Slim and balanced design)

The slim, easily held orchestra body is made with a sitka spruce top and a mahogany backside. Balanced mid-tones, clear resonance, and a refreshing bright sound are characteristic of sitka spruce, and to this the mahogany adds a smooth yet bold mid-range.

Neck (Sturdy without deformation)

The Indonesian mahogany neck is built of three-stage drying to minimize deformation. It has a standard-C type profile with players prefer.

Wood drying (Three stages of drying)

The wood is dried by natural, thermal and high frequency vacuum drying. In the case of high-frequency vacuum drying, moisture is removed from the inside of the wood, so there is little splitting or distortion coming from drying.

Fretboard (Hard and even frets)

On rosewood fingerboard, the 160Hv frets with 30% increased hardness deliver a durable and clear sound. It also reduces the risk of the fret lifting.

Headstock (Layered with bevel cut)

The rosewood top affixed to the headstock contributes to the instrument’s aesthetic quality while helping to improve sustain, and in concert with the binding gives off a feeling of luxury. The 15:1 gear ratio die-cast head machines allow for precise tuning.

Nut and saddle (Premium oiled bone)

The natural material, oiled bone gives clear tone, is easy to set it up and less discolored. The nut with a width of 44mm and E to E spacing of 37.2mm is optimized for both finger style and strum-based performance.

Bridge (Traditional solid rosewood)

A special cut is placed in front of the bridge-pin hole to prevent pins from protruding. It also reduces dents on the bridge by string tension. By the increased angle of strings to the saddle, it will be in tune though powerful strum.

Bridge plate (Vibrating structure)

Just beneath the bridge on the underside of the sound board is a discreetly affixed honeycomb-shaped solid hard maple bridge plate. Because the hexagonal structure reduces weight while reinforcing the sturdiness of the instrument, it contributes to elongating the time of sustained vibration from the sound board. Additionally, this unique bridge plate assists in balancing the whole sound of the instrument, maintaining it’s tonal character.

Electronics (for D300CE)

No compromise

It is equipped with a Fishman® Sonitone no-cut preamplifier and pickup set. Easy to replace a pickup set attached to the bottom of the top wood without machining the side of the body.

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